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1000kv brushless motor
38.48% OFF
1000kv brushless motor
₹430 ₹699
1400kv brushless motor
41.02% OFF
1400kv brushless motor
₹430 ₹729
1800kv brushless motor
42.59% OFF
1800kv brushless motor
₹430 ₹749
KK2.1 Multi Rotor LCD Flight Controller Board
10.11% OFF
Simonk 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller with connectors
22.04% OFF
716 Hollow Coreless Motor with Propeller
48.32% OFF
10*4.5 inch-1045/1045R propeller pair for quadcopter
50.51% OFF
 ESC electronic speed controller with connectors
22.04% OFF
4200 mAh shang yi Lipo Battery
21.91% OFF
5200mAh shang yi Lipo Battery
6.38% OFF
MPU6050 (Triple Axis Gyro Accelerometer)
33.17% OFF
ADXL345 Triple axis Linear Accelerometer
25.13% OFF
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