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3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set
3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set
3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set
3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set

3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set

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  • Robot Type : Two Wheel Drive Multi utility Robot
  • Motors : 300RPM High Torque Motors
  • Wheels : 70mm x 4mm Plastic wheels with rubber tires
  • Chassis : 3mm Thickness Laser cut Night Black chassis
  • Weight : 300g
  • Dimensions : 21 x 15 x 6cm

3 Wheels Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit

3 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Set:


A "3-wheel robot car chassis set" typically refers to a kit or set that includes the chassis or frame for a three-wheeled robot car. These kits are popular in robotics projects and educational settings, offering a platform for building and experimenting with mobile robots. Here are some common features and considerations you might find in such a set:

  1. Chassis/Frame: The kit includes a frame or chassis designed to accommodate three wheels. Chassis materials may include acrylic, aluminum, or other lightweight and durable materials.
  2. Motor Mounts: Typically, the chassis will have motor mounts or slots where motors can be attached. These mounts are designed to accommodate DC motors, stepper motors, or other types of motors used for driving the wheels.
  3. Wheel Mounting Points: The set will have designated mounting points for attaching wheels. These can include pre-drilled holes or brackets to make it easy to install the wheels securely.
  4. Wheel Configuration: The chassis is configured for a three-wheeled robot, often with two wheels on one side (dual wheels) and a single wheel on the other side, creating a triangular arrangement.
  5. Motor Compatibility: Some chassis sets may come with included motors, while others are designed to be compatible with a variety of motors, allowing users to choose motors based on their specific requirements.
  6. Power Distribution: There may be provisions for a power distribution system on the chassis to connect and distribute power to the motors and other electronic components.
  7. Additional Features: Depending on the specific set, you might find additional features such as sensor mounts, camera mounts, or other attachment points for adding sensors and accessories to your robot.
  8. Assembly Hardware: The set usually includes the necessary nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware required for assembling the chassis and attaching motors and wheels.


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  • Laser Cut Acrylic Chassis to enhance creativity & innovation
  • Two 300 RPM dual shaft motors - Useful for any kind of robots
  • Universal Castor to avoid slippage
  • High Quality Wheels & Motors
  • Placeholders for different sensors, servos and modules
  • M3 holes Arduino Board, Raspberry Pi and additional sensors
  • Battery holder, Brackets, screws and nuts included


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